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The MoRockin Chef Bilal Rachid of Homemade Thursdays

Bilal Rachid

Bilal Rachid is also known as The MoRock'in Chef. Rachid is of North African descent. At a young age Rachid started off as a dishwasher in a small Italian Trattoria in Napoli. He worked his way up the chain of command learning the foundations of Italian Cuisine. In New York City he mastered the art of Vegetarian, Vegan, Mediterranean and American Cuisine. At some of the top restaurants in New York City and Los Angeles, he perfected the art of Gluten Free Cooking and added his own twist. Rachid has fed some of the highest profile clientele from Presidents to Celebrities from all venues. His passion is to create food for everyone. All Dietary Restrictions are welcomed and appreciated. EVERYONE deserves to have a meal that is flavorful and most importantly safe. 

Rev. Brandon Johnson of Homemade Thursdays

Rev. Brandon Johnson

Rev. Brandon Johnson started serving First Christian Church of Burbank after working with churches in Oklahoma, New Mexico, Connecticut  Kentucky, and Iowa. As a graduate of Transylvania University and Yale University Divinity School Rev. Johnson has experience with non-profits, community organizing, and faith based initiatives. He continues to  strengthen First Christian Church's partnerships with community-based organizations and affirming God’s universal love. While Brandon was born and raised in Cedar Falls, Iowa - he now calls Southern California his home.

Benai Boyd of Homemade Thursdays

Benai Boyd

When Benai aka "Mama" started Homemade Thursdays with her husband Rachid it was the peak of the pandemic. They began by making 40 meals a week out of their own home and paid for everything out of their pocket. Now they make 100-120 meals a week and distribute toiletries and clothing because EVERYONE deserves fellowship and compassion. Her goal is to expand Homemade Thursdays to help all people in need including seniors, victims of domestic violence, people with special needs, and the LGBTQIA+ community. Benai does this work because it feeds her spirit and soul.

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